Janelle is appearing as a "CAMPER" in "ROCK N ROLL FANTASY CAMP," the new Mark Burnett Production Reality Television Series on VH1 Classic. Follow three bands as they go through the process of Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp! This show features Rock Star and "Celebrity Apprentice" BRET MICHAELS, ACE FREHLEY (Kiss), MICHAEL ANTHONY(Van Halen) and many more.  Over one week, our campers will form bands and rehearse. ...culminating in a live performance at an iconic venue their own rock idols have conquered. Fantasy Camp Counselors Kip Winger, RudySarzo and Mark Hudson will be doling out tough love to the wannabe rockers.....what doesn't kill them will make them stronger.

Fights will erupt and stage fright will ensue, ensuring that only those with rock and roll in their blood will make it!

Watch all five episodes.


'Nothin' Stupid'

Janelle Sadler music video for her new hit song 'Nothin' Stupid'. Never has duct tape looked so good, never has bondage seemed so romantic...


Janelle Sadler was born loving music. Her Father, a public school teacher and her Mother, a bookstore owner, encouraged her as much as they could. Being the middle child of three siblings,she was rather shy, but music brought out her stage loving side.

Picking up the guitar in her teens, she soon started performing in Churches, coffeehouses, high school choir concerts and anywhere else that was available for a young singer. Her early influences were Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Atlanta's Mother's Finest and Chaka Kahn. During a stint in college, she found real paying gigs entertaining the tourists in the beach clubs and never looked back.

"Once I figured I could support myself doing what I loved, it became my obsession!" Janelle has said.

After years of singing everything from jazz to heavy metal, she twice won the locally coveted award for "Best Female Vocalist Tampa Bay." With these awards and the surprise landing of a background singing gig with Pop star Donny Osmond, she finally found the courage to move to Los Angeles in the summer of "91 where she's worked professionally ever since.

She has sung leads for TV shows like "Brothers And Sisters", "Smallville" and has toured the world singing backups behind mega talent Natalie Cole and many others. 

"Los Angeles taught me that even though the world is filled with incredible musicians, there will always be a place for me if I hold true to myself and stay prepared." Janelle explained recently from her living room in Sherman Oaks, "The minute you quit dreaming and creating musical goals to work toward, you're done. I'm sorry world, but I'm never going to stop!" 

Janelle lives with her husband Keyboardist/songwriter Robin Swenson and their cat Catfish.